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Cigars: HavanaPounds Sterling
160J05Romeo Y J. Cedro No2 25 Cigars£182.70
160J06Romeo Y J. Exhi No.4 25 Cigars£189.90
160J08Romeo Y J. Belicosos 25 Cigars£225.00
160J12Romeo Y J. Churchils 25 Cigars£298.80
160J14Romeo Y J. Petit Cor 25 Cigars£145.80
160J18Romeo Petit Julietas 25 Cigars£117.00
160J19Romeo Y J. Pet Coro 5X5 Cigars£117.00
160J25Romeo Y J. Cazadores 25 Cigars£189.90
160J26Romeo Short Churchil 25 Cigars£202.50
160J35Romeo Wide Churchill*10*cigars£95.40
160J36Romeo Wide Churchill 25 Cigars£220.50
160J37Romeo Petit Churchil.25 Cigars£152.10
160J39Romeo Piramides Anej 25 Cigars£279.00
160J40Romeo Cedrod De Luxe*10*cigars£91.80
160J43Romeo Capuleto 25 Cigars£387.00
160J44Romeo Tacos 25 Cigars£351.00
160J47Romeo Petit Royales 25 Cigars£135.90
Cigars: Tubed HavanasPounds Sterling
160J01Romeo Y J. No 1 Tube 25 Cigars£133.90
160J02Romeo Y J. No 2 Tube 25 Cigars£119.25
160J03Romeo Y J. No 3 Tube 25 Cigars£112.50
160J11Romeo Y J. Chur Tube 25 Cigars£333.00
160J23Romeo Y J. No2(Tube)5X3 Cigars£71.55
160J27Romeo Short Ch.tube 5X3 Cigars£147.80
160J28Romeo Churchil(Tube)5X3 Cigars£199.80
160J33Romeo Y J. No3(Tube)*10*cigars£48.60
160J45Romeo Petit Ch(Tube)5X3 Cigars£130.50
160J46Romeo Wide Chu(Tube)5X3 Cigars£160.60
Cigars: Other Hand MadePounds Sterling

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