Our Cigar Range last updated: 08 October 2021

Please Note: Postage and packing fee of £15 is applicable to orders up to 2kg.

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Cigars: HavanaPounds Sterling
160C01Cohiba Siglo I 25 Cigars£213.30
160C02Cohiba Siglo Ii 25 Cigars£284.40
160C03Cohiba Siglo Iii 25 Cigars£323.10
160C04Cohiba Siglo Iv 25 Cigars£441.90
160C11Cohiba Panatellas 25 Cigars£195.30
160C15Cohiba Panatellas 5X5 Cigars£195.30
160C24Cohiba Medio Siglo 25 Cigars£317.70
160C32Cohiba Robustos 5X3 Cigars£280.80
160C33Cohiba Robustos 25 Cigars£468.00
160C51Cohiba Siglo I 5X5 Cigars£213.30
160C66Cohiba Exquisitos 25 Cigars£220.50
160C81Cohiba Mad.secretos 25 Cigars£257.40
Cigars: Tubed HavanasPounds Sterling
160C31Cohiba Robustos(Tub)5X3 Cigars£338.40
160C57Cohiba Siglo I (Tub)5X3 Cigars£162.00