Our Cigar Range last updated: 08 October 2021

Please Note: Postage and packing fee of £15 is applicable to orders up to 2kg.

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Cigars: HavanaPounds Sterling
160G00Partagas E2 5 Cigars£54.80
160G01Partagas D5 *10*cigars£73.80
160G02Partagas D5 25 Cigars£184.50
160G03Partagas E2 25 Cigars£273.60
160G07Partagas D4 *10*cigars£96.30
160G09Partagas Ser.p No.2 5X3 Cigars£174.15
160G10Partagas Ser.p No.2 *10*cigars£113.40
160G14Partagas D4 25 Cigars£240.30
160G18Partagas P2 25 Cigars£281.70
160G24Partagas Shorts 25 Cigars£136.80
160G28Partagas Shorts *50*cigars£273.60
160G32Partagas D6 5X5 Cigars£159.70
160G34Partagas D6 20 Cigars£127.80
160G35Partagas Cor. Gordas 25 Cigars£259.20
160G80Partagas Pet Cor*esp*25 Cigars£126.00
160G87Partagas Culebras 3X3 Cigars£55.80
160G92Partagas Aristocrates 25 Cigar£91.80
Cigars: Tubed HavanasPounds Sterling
160G06Partagas D4 (Tube) 5X3 Cigars£147.15
160G36Partagas E2 (Tubos) 5x3 Cigars£183.60