Our Cigar Range last updated: 14 April 2021

Please Note: Postage and packing fee of £15 is applicable to orders up to 2kg.

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Cigars: HavanaPounds Sterling
160U01H.upmann No.1 Consr. 25 Cigars£207.9
160U02H.upmann No.2 25 Cigars£267.3
160U03H.upmann Half Corona 25 Cigars£117.9
160U08H.upmann Noellas 25 Cigars£223.2
160U09H.upmann Half Corona 5x5 Cigars£117.9
160U21H.upmann Magnum*50* *10*cigars£103.32
160U24H.upmann Magnum 46 25 Cigars£235.8
160U26H.upmann Magnum*50* 25 Cigars£276.3
160U34H.upmann Majestic 25 Cigars£101.7
160U37H.upmann Magnum*54* 25 Cigars£216
160U38H.upmann Magnum*54* *10*cigars£86.4
160U47H.upmann Connois."a" 25 Cigars£258.3
Cigars: Tubed HavanasPounds Sterling
160U04H.upmann Corona "J" (TUB) 25 Cigars£110.7
160U41H.upmann C.major(Tub)25 Cigars£119.7